Welcome to “aspman – the blog”

I may venture into other stuff in the future, but for now the focus of the site is Limit Theory, a procedural generated space game by sole developer Josh Parnell (official website www.ltheory.com).

I backed LT at the BETA level, which granted me access to the prototype released May 2013.  For a laugh I created a few little videos which were (surprisingly) well received.  I became an overnight YouTube sensation gaining 3 subscribers within 24 hours 🙂

At time of writing this (November 2014) the beta is due soon.  I have been waiting (along with a few thousand other LT addicts) for nearly 2 years for the game to get to BETA from the initial kickstarter.

Due to the success of my rising YouTube subscriber base to 25 subscribers as of today, I have decided to continue with my broadcasting career, and will be creating a number of playlists covering the following topics:

These links above (to the respective YouTube playlists) are in preparation for the arrival of the content, which obviously I can’t make until the beta, then the game, then the mods actually roll out over the next few months.  As of now the only content on there is the first LTP (prototype) videos I made last year.

If I got the plugin working correctly, all videos should automatically appear on this site shortly after they are posted on youtube, so you can either subscribe to the youtube channel or rss to this blog if you want to be kept up to date.